Form a Delaware Corporation or LLC

Incorporate in Delaware

Thank you for your interest in incorporating in Delaware. Form-A-Corp makes business incorporation easy with low prices and custom ordering. Use our secure online incorporation service or call us toll free at 1-866-343-6759 to form a corporation.

Delaware Corporation by Form-A-Corp includes name reservation and all incorporation filings needed to form your Delaware corporation or Delaware LLC.

With our affordable online incorporation, you can form a Delaware Corporation or LLC – add only those items YOU NEED for YOUR INCORPORATION.

Our online incorporation web site, is the leading business incorporation web site providing comprehensive incorporation services for both profit and nonprofit corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs) in all of the 50 United States.

For further information on Delaware incorporation, we also recommend visiting an official Secretary of State website.

Additional Resources

Delaware: Division of Corporations: provides services that assist in attracting and maintaining incorporations in Delaware, which is known internationally as “The Incorporating Capital of the World.”

Why Incorporate in Delaware?

1. Delaware corporate laws allow more flexibility in conducting businesses.

2. Delaware has a separate and highly-respected business court known as the Delaware Court of Chancery. The court protects corporations in Delaware so that they can focus more on their business operations and reasonable litigations/disputes.

3. The costs of incorporation filing and franchise tax fees in Delaware are low.

4. Delaware has no minimum requirement to open a business bank account. Most states require at least $1000.00 in an account to operate a business.

5. Delaware incorporation allows privacy and anonymity of company’s Director, Shareholder, or Officer.

6. In a Delaware incorporation, business owner can be all of the officers (director, shareholder, or officer)of a Delaware corporation him/herself.

7. Business entities or business corporations that incorporate in Delaware but do not operate in the State of Delaware do not have to pay state income tax.

8. Business entities that incorporate as Delaware corporations and LLCs are entitled to the advantages of asset protection. This means company’s assets or company debts are separated from your personal assets.

9. Delaware has no sales or personal property tax.

10. Physical presence of a business entity or corporation is not a requirement to incorporate in Delaware. Only a registered agent is required. With Form A Corp, you can incorporate in Delaware online fast and easy. Our incorporation fee is affordable.