Taking Care of the LLC Publication Requirement

Setting up a limited liability company in New York requires you to jump through one additional hoop: Publication of a notice of the LLC formation in two newspapers. See Section 206 of the New York Limited Liability Company Law for exact legal requirements. This MUST be completed within 120 days of the organization of your LLC or you will lose the ability to conduct business in New York. There are fees involved with publishing which vary by county and publication.   Forming a foreign LLC (Nevada, Delaware or any other state) will not spare you the expense.  As soon as your LLC does business in New York, your foreign LLC has to publish also. See Section 802 (b) of the Limited Liability Company Law).

Form-A-Corp can provide you with publishing services state wide. Pricing is determined by county and is completed over a 12 week process. You may call us toll free at 866-343-6759 or email us at info@form-a-corp.com for more information. Please have your Filing Receipt handy when calling.